Farmers Market Scramble using The Old Windmill Dairy’s Pesto ‘n Pine Nuts Chèvre

10 Farm Fresh Eggs

1 container of Pesto ‘n Pine Nuts Chèvre from The Old Windmill Dairy

1 medium sized Farm Fresh Green Pepper (chopped)

4 Farm Fresh Roma Tomatoes (chopped)

Ground Pepper to taste

2 tbsp. bacon fat


In a cast-iron skillet, heat 2 tbsp. bacon fat.

In a medium-to-large bowl, whisk the Farm Fresh Eggs

To the egg mixture, add The Old Windmill Dairy’s of Pesto ‘n Pine Nuts Chèvre, ‘mushing’ it into the eggs.  Then whisk the eggs and chèvre until fluffy.  Add the green pepper, tomatoes and ground pepper.  Pour the ingredients into the cast-iron skillet, stirring until the desired consistency is reached.

With the Fall Season approaching, camping, hunting and other activities will bring New Mexicans outdoors.  Whether camping or enjoying brunch on the deck on a cool Fall day, one activity that should be included in any planning is a trip to the local Farmers Market.  With the exception of the bacon fat, the Farmers Market Scramble pictured below is from all fresh ingredients from the Downtown Growers Market in Albuquerque.  Check our website for locations of Farmers Markets where you will find The Old Windmill Dairy’s products!

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